Combat Flashlight Techniques For Home Defense

Combat Flashlight Techniques For Home Defense

Sometimes the best defense is a good flashlight. Flashlights are excellent way to keep your home safe and secure. Plus it is non-lethal so you don’t have to worry about accidentally killing someone who is not a threat to your life and home. Buying a powerful LED flashlight is only half the battle however. You also need to learn some combat flashlight techniques for home defense. Shining a Led strobe light in an intruders face is a great first step. The bright pulsing strobe light is disorienting and will cause confusion. But having some training with your LED flashlight for self defense is just as important.

LED Flashlights Keep You Safe

Using a Led flashlight is the best defense when you are doing anything in the dark. If what you are doing is protecting your family and your home then you should also learn some combat flashlight techniques for home defense. These defensive moves will help you to further dissuade an intruder from coming any closer. They can also help you disarm and subdue an intruder possibly saving your life or the life of a family member. These combat flashlight techniques for home defense are designed to be non lethal but powerful enough to help you defend against larger adversaries who intend to do you harm. It certainly would not hurt you to learn at least a few ways to keep yourself safe.

Led Flashlight With Strobe Function

The first step is to get yourself a great Led flashlight with strobe function. The strobe function produces an extraordinarily bright light which with disorient and confuse any intruder. The bright flashing light is enough to cause temporary blindness, limiting what they can see so you can find a better defensive position or move in to attack. The strobe function is also great for emergency situations or in harsh weather conditions in case you need to signal approaching vehicles or someone who is far away. The strobe function is available on a wide variety of LED flashlights. You do not need it on every LED flashlight you use but you should have it on the one you use for home safety.

Stay Safe At Home

If you are away from home, leaving your family without you, then you should consider leaving them an LED flashlight just to be safe. It also would not hurt to teach them a few combat flashlight techniques for home defense. These are all non lethal tactics which can be employed against an intruder no matter what the circumstances. If the intruder is much larger than you no worries—you can use your LED flashlight to take them down to your size. If the intruder is stronger than you don’t worry, you can use your LED flashlight to make it a more even fight. These combat flashlight techniques for home defense are used by members of the military and law enforcement around. If this type of training is good enough to keep their families safe why wouldn’t you use them to keep your family safe?

Extra batteries, extra non-perishable food, candles, a portable radio – it is difficult to prepare for every contingency, but should do your best to keep the kit well stocked.

LED Flashlight For Survival Kit

Every home owner should have a LED flashlight for survival kit. Fill the kit with bottled water, non-perishable food, first aid tools and a solidly constructed LED flashlight. This survival kit is designed to keep you and your family alive and safe until help arrives so choose the items in based on specific types of emergencies. If your area is prone to flooding or heavy rains, consider including space blankets to keep everyone warm. If your area is prone to fires be sure to pack first aid tools for burns. Bottled water is a necessity in every emergency kit no matter what type of emergency you might be expecting. You also need to be prepared for the unexpected. Extra batteries, extra non-perishable food, candles, a portable radio. It is difficult to prepare for every contingency, but you should do your best to keep the kit well stocked.

Well Stocked Kit Might Save Your Life

There is no substitute for a well stocked emergency kit. And you must not forget your LED flashlight for survival kit. This LED flashlight should have a built in strobe function, a portable charger and extra rechargeable batteries. This means that your LED flashlight will keep working even if the power goes out. The power often goes out during emergency situations so having a portable solar charger is a big help. These portable solar chargers are lightweight and inexpensive. That means you could even buy an extra solar charger for twice the recharging capability. Having extra batteries and a way to keep them charged will keep your LED flashlight for survival kit fully functional for as long as you need it. You might build this emergency kit and never need it. We truly hope that is the case. But if you do ever need it you will be glad you have it.

Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit

Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit

If you pack for an emergency you need to include the best LED flashlight for emergency kit. That means grabbing your trusty LED flashlight and sticking it in there. LED flashlights are more reliable than traditional flashlights. They last longer. They provide brighter and cleaner light. And they require a whole lot less energy to do it. No emergency kit should be without an LED flashlight. You need the Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit. Period.

LED For Reliability

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. But it should stand for Reliable because that is what an LED flashlight is. Reliable. LED bulbs will not break as frequently as traditional bulbs. They can be knocked about or withstand extreme temperatures light cold and heat without ceasing to function. That means when you need your flashlight to work it will. No problem. LED bulbs are also able to provide brighter and cleaner light. Traditional bulbs often cast a dull orange glow that is diffused across a wide area. An LED flashlight will give you a clear view of whatever you are trying to do in the dark. When you need to see in inclement weather or just plain dark conditions an LED flashlight is what you need. That means you need the best LED flashlight for emergency kit.

Every Second Counts

In an emergency every second is precious. Those seconds ticking by could be the difference between life and death. If you have to waste them because you did not pack the best LED flashlight for emergency kit then lives could be lost. An LED flashlight uses much less energy than a traditional flashlight bulb. So when you need the light on for an extended period of time the LED flashlight will not let you down. It also means the LED flashlight will use far fewer batteries and smaller batteries too. Fewer or smaller batteries means a whole lot less weight to carry around during an emergency. That is why you need the Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit.

When the Going Gets Rough Go LED

LED bulbs are the best lighting invention since Edison first produced light from electrical current. They have been tested abundantly over the years by NASA and the U.S. Military and have proven they work even better than traditional flashlights bulbs. They are stronger and longer lasting and they will keep going long after traditional flashlight bulbs give out. Don’t take chances. If it really matters to you then pack the best LED flashlight for emergency kit. Save yourself with the best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit. The Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit might just save your life.

Your Car Needs An Emergency Kit Too

No matter where you are driving you need the LED car flashlight emergency vehicle light. That means keeping an LED flashlight packed safely in your vehicle for use during emergencies. You never know when a tire may blow or your car may overheat. You collide with a deer on a country road you need a flashlight you can count on. No traditional flashlight will ever work as well as an LED flashlight. So stick one in the glove box.

Best LED Flashlight Emergency Kit

LED For Vehicle Emergencies

You can purchase a LED car flashlight emergency vehicle light with a pulsating strobe. That means you and your disabled vehicle will be visible from a great distance. You don’t want to be run over while trying to extricate yourself from a vehicle emergency. A strobe function on your LED flashlight is visible from a 100 yards away or more. Because the LED bulb is brighter than ordinary flashlight bulb it will be visible during the most inclement weather or the darkest night. Even if you are in a densely wooded area your LED strobe function will let others know where you are so you can be rescued. It will also alert other drivers to an accident scene if you or your vehicle are still in the roadway.

A Vehicle Emergency Kit Is A Must-Have

Every vehicle should have an LED car flashlight emergency vehicle light somewhere in its emergency kit. And every vehicle should have an emergency kit! You can put all manner of needful things in there such as a compass, a bottle of water, rations, a thermal blanket, and of course an LED flashlight. Of all the tools in your vehicle emergency kit you will likely get the most use from your LED flashlight. Whether you are searching in the dark for something that flew out your window while driving, or using it change a flat tire, your LED flashlight will prove its worth time and time again.

Don’t Take Chances Always Be Prepared

A LED car flashlight emergency vehicle light is not one of those things you want to forget about or choose not to prepare because you are too tire or lazy to do it. It can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Nobody wants to be left in the dark, especially at the scene of a vehicle collision in the middle of the night. Do yourself and your family a favor and pack an emergency kit for your vehicle. One day you might be glad you did.

High Intensity LED Flashlight Is What You Need

When What You Use Matters

If you don’t really need to see well in the dark try rubbing two sticks together until they ignite. That will be plenty of light for you. But if you really need to see what you are doing, or see a great distance, or notify someone a great distance away, then you need a high intensity LED flashlight. This type of LED bulb will be brighter and more clear from a greater distance. This is quality light not dim yellowish light like you get from traditional flashlight bulbs. Traditional bulbs are known for producing dirty light. That means even at their best they are barely illuminating things close to you much less things a far distance away from you.

High Intensity LED Flashlight

When details matter in the dark you need a high intensity LED flashlight. LED bulbs are stronger than ever before. They produce brighter and cleaner light than traditional bulbs without question. There is simply no comparison between the light of an LED bulb and a traditional flashlight bulb. High intensity LED bulbs take that quality and turn it up to “11.” That means they are much, much brighter than even a traditional high intensity flashlight bulb on its best day.

LED Bulbs Sip Energy

Because LED bulbs use very small amounts of energy they do not require a significant power source. A few small batteries are usually enough to produce a great deal more light than you would get from a traditional flashlight with a few full sized batteries inside it to lug around. A high intensity LED flashlight will use larger batteries which will produce even more bright light with enough strength to light a field or the end of a football field. This light will be cleaner than light produced from a traditional flashlight revealing important details in whatever you might be looking for.

When Bright Light Matters

If you need to see or you need someone to see you then you need a high intensity LED flashlight. It creates a cleaner light and a brighter light than any traditional flashlight ever could. It will illuminate a dark wood or cut through the deepest gloom. If you need a flashlight to cut through the darkness and reveal its secrets then you need a high intensity LED flashlight.

High Intensity LED FlashlightHigh Quality LED Strobe Flashlight

In the same way a high intensity LED flashlight will produce a stronger, cleaner light a high quality LED strobe flashlight will produce an emergency beacon or warn passing motorists of your presence much better than a traditional strobe flashlight ever could. A high quality LED strobe flashlight uses the advanced LED technology in its strobe light which means you get the same quality with the reduced energy need.

LED Means Reliability

LED bulbs do not suffer the same malfunctions as traditional flashlight bulbs. They are not glass bubbles with tiny wires inside producing the light. They are actual electrical circuits. That means they are not subject to the hazards associated with being made of glass bubbles. They are resilient. They can withstand temperatures of heat and cold. They can take a fair amount of abuse. And even the rain they will still work as well as when the weather is dry. A high quality LED strobe flashlight is the perfect tool for when the weather is bad or not so bad. If it is dark outside and you are in a hazardous situation you need an LED flashlight to keep you safe.

LED Strobe Disorients

A strobe flashlight is a great self defense tool. It is a non-lethal tool which means there is no danger of accidentally wounding or killing someone who is friendly to you. (Unless you hit them over the head with.) A strobe light in the darkness will disorient anyone. It will provide you with at least a few seconds to decide if they are friend or foe. In those few seconds you can also make your escape or reach for a dangerous weapon if you feel you need it. A high quality LED strobe flashlight is also easy to manipulate. No fancy safety locks, no complicated technique. Just switch it on when you need it. Switch it off when you do not. It is so easy a small child could use it, and maybe your child should.

LED Flashlights Are Built Tough

LED flashlights can take the strain that regular use entails. That means whether you use your LED flashlight every day or only a couple times a year, when you need it your LED flashlight will work. LED flashlights also work just as well with rechargeable batteries as they do with regular batteries. Rechargeable batteries are smaller and lighter than traditional batteries, but they don’t last very long in traditional flashlights. They do just fine in LED flashlights because those flashlights just sip power. Despite using a whole lot less energy they will still outperform any traditional flashlight of the same size. LED bulbs produce cleaner, brighter light with a whole lot less worry.